Harsh Duty – Camping, Backpacking and Everyday Carry Gear – Wood Stoves

Harsh Duty is all about quality over quantity. We test gear for months before it ever gets released to the public. Every item that we sell is in daily use and has been modified multiple times until we have developed a product that will last and withstand heavy duty use.

Portable camping stove with cookware setCurrently we have our amazing Wood Camping Stove that can be compacted to 6x7x0.25 inches. This ultra portability makes it ideal for camping and backpacking trips. The stove is very efficient and can use many forms of biomass from twigs, dry grass and even dry cow patties. More information on our stove package can be found here.

A great companion to our lightweight stove is our 8 Piece Portable Cookware Set. The pot and frying pan are made of anodized aluminum, which makes it solid and very portable. Our cookware can be purchased separately or combined with our biomass stove. More details can be found here.

Tactical pen with glass breakerOur original product, and the inspiration behind Harsh Duty, is our Police and Military Tactical Pen. This pen is made of aviation aluminum and and has a carbide tip that can break a vehicle window with a single tap. If you need a pen that can take a beating, and even deliver one, this is great for everyday carry or even stowed away in a vehicle console for emergency use. More details can be found here.

Paracord Keychain with Fire StarterFinally we have our Paracord Carabiner Survival Keychain Lanyard which is made of military grade type III paracord. Build into the keychain is a flint that can get a fire going with a single strike. The paracord can be unraveled a used for an emergency situation or even tying something down in a pinch. More details here.