Camping and Backpacking Portable Wood Stove with Cookware Set

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Campingand Hiking Wood Stove with CookwareThe Harsh Duty Camping Wood Stove is the most portable, versatile and easy to use cooking stove on the market today. It has a 6″ x 6″ x 4″ burning chamber that allows the mule-fuel stove to generate a high BTU output for all your cooking needs. Being thin and portable makes it super convenient to take with you backpacking into the great outdoors or for a quick overnight somewhere. The embossed side plates ensure the metal will remain strong even after repeated use of the stove.
Compacted stove and cookwareDesigned to collapse flat, this stove is perfect for camping, backpacking, fishing and hunting. A nylon carry case is included. Fuel may be inserted from the top of the stove or through the side opening. It will burn small combustibles, eco bricks, solid fuel tablets, hexamine, firelite, esbit, trioxide, wood chips, recycled sawdust blocks, alcohol gel cans, stereo cans, twigs, sticks, kindling, and biomass products, briquettes, including any charcoal block products. The open design allows for free airflow, which ensures maximum performance.
8 piece camping cookwareIncluded with the stove is our 8 piece Lightweight Outdoor Camping &Hiking Cookware Set. This cookware is suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. Lightweight and extremely durable made of anodized aluminum which is perfect for camping and backpacking.
8 piece cookware for camping and hiking
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Cookware Details:

Material: Aluminum alloy
Suitable for: 1~2 people
Pot Size (D*H): 14.5 x 8cm/5.70″x 3.14″(approx.)
Pot cover diameter: 13.8cm/5.43″(approx.)
Frying pan size (D*H): 15.5cm x 3.5cm/6.10″x1.37″(approx.)
Handle length 10cm/3.93″(approx.)
2 Bowls size (D*H): 11 x 4cm/4.33″x1.57″(approx.)
Rice ladle size (L*W): 13 x 5cm/5.11″x1.96″(approx.)
Soup spoon diameter: 8cm/3.14″(approx.)
Carrying case included

Stove Details:

Large size for easy cooking. Great air ventilation allowing for hot cooking temperatures
Light weight & collapsable. Carry case included with purchase
Perfect for cooking with Wood, Charcoal, Cedar Pucks, Esbit Tablets, Twigs, Fuel, ReadyFuel or any kind of Bio-Mass
Weight: 520g / 1.1lbs – 304 Stainless Steel – 0.8 mm thick
4.25″ (Wide Roof Width) 6″ (Base Width) 7.5″ (Height) 0.25″ (Folded Thickness)
Camping Wood Stove Carrying Case Included

Compact cookware set