Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker

Tactical pen with glass breakerThe Harsh Duty Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker  is the most portable, versatile and easy to use tactical pen on the market. This pen was derived from a need that police officers were having problems with. Often times police officers will be put into positions where they have to break a vehicle window. Typically a baton would be used to break a window but this may require 5-10 strikes in order for the window to be broken, wasting valuable time.

tactical pen breaking windowThe emergency pen that we have designed can break a car window with a single tap, allowing emergency personnel quick access. In addition to the original inspiration for this pen, it can be used to escape vehicles during car wrecks when seconds can count.

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Recently, the United States Customs and Border Protection has become our largest customer and we could not be more proud. Our pens can also be found on military bases across the world, in police departments throughout the country and even in the Unites States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

tactical pen with gift boxIf you are looking for a heavy duty pen that not only breaks glass but actually writes well, this is the pen for you. Constructed of aviation aluminum it is built to last and take abuse unlike a typical pen.

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